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Tyler Yamin - describes and demonstrates the Calapita, a gamelan instrument, at the AMIS-Galpin meeting in Edinburgh, June 2017
Tyler Yamin - describes and demonstrates the
Calapita, a gamelan instrument, at the
AMIS-Galpin meeting in Edinburgh, June 2017


Gribbon Award recipient
Nuria Bonet delivers a paper about the Tenora
at AMIS Boston 2015



Application Procedure | Recipients

The William E. Gribbon Award for Student Travel

The William E. Gribbon Memorial Fund was established in 1989 to encourage and enable college and university students aged 35 years or under, enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students in accredited academic programs and having career interests that relate to the purposes of the American Musical Instrument Society to attend the Society’s annual meetings. The Award consists of a student membership in both Societies for one year and substantial financial support for travel and lodging in an amount determined by the Award Committee, based upon an itemized estimate of all of the applicant’s meeting-related expenses. Applicants can receive the Gribbon Award a maximum of three times.

Application Procedure

Applications for the 2018 meeting in Bethlehem should be addressed to:
Jayme Kurland (

 Applications must be postmarked by midnight, December 15, 2017.
Applications by email are encouraged.

All applications should include the following materials:

  1. Completed Gribbon Coversheet (MS Word doc)
  2. A statement of 300 words or less describing the ways in which your academic interests relate to the history and/or study of musical instruments
  3. Two letters of recommendation written by persons who are familiar with your work and career interests; one of these letters must be submitted on official institutional letterhead by a teacher or professor who can verify your student status (Note: if these items are submitted electronically, please ensure that they are scanned to include the referees’ signatures.)
  4. Your curriculum vitae

The following materials should also be included when appropriate:

  1. If you have submitted (or will submit) a paper proposal, please include a copy of your abstract. Note: Presenting a paper is not a requirement to receive this award and the submission process for paper proposals is entirely separate. To submit a paper proposal, please send the relevant materials using instructions for the Call for Proposals. Deadline for paper proposals is November 15, 2017.(See AMIS website for full details.)
  2. If you have attended one or more annual AMIS meetings in the past, please include a statement (not exceeding 300 words) describing what you gained from the experience.

We encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity. AMIS members have given generously to make the Gribbon Memorial Award available, and we look forward to a strong response. Applications must be postmarked by midnight, December 15, 2017.

Past Award Winners


2017, Edinburgh, Scotland (joint meeting with Galpin Society

2017 Gribbon Award Winners

2017 Gribbon recipients (L-R): B. Pillow, M. Leitao Venceslau, T. Yamin, L. Chang, J. Sexton,
N. Bonet, P. Asimov, R. Apple; missing S. Morra

2016, Vermillion, SD


2015, Boston, MA

2015 Gribbon Award Winners
Gribbon Award winners in Boston 2015
Bobby Giglio, Esteban Garza, Nuria Bonet, April Legatt,
Jeremy Sexton, Chesley Peabody. Not shown: Olga Sutkowska

2014, Huron, OH

2013, Williamsburg, VA

Gribbons 2013
2013 Gribbons: Sarah Deters, Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet, Hayato Sugimoto, Jayme-Kurland

2012, New York, NY

2011, Phoenix, AZ

2010, Washington, D.C.

2009, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2008, Calgary, Canada

2007 New Haven, Connecticut

2006 Vermillion, South Dakota

William E. Gribbon Memorial Award Recipients 1990-2005

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