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The American Musical Instrument Society


The Curt Sachs Award 1988

Philip Argall Turner Bate

The Board of Governors of the American Musical Instrument Society designated Philip Argall Turner Bate the recipient of the Curt Sachs Award for the year 1988 in recognition of his eminence and achevements as scholar, collector, instrument maker, restorer, and as founder, chairman and president of the Galpin Society, and in acknowledgement that his books, The Oboe, The Trumpet and Trombone, and The Flute, as well as his major entries in successive editions of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians, have been among the sources first consulted by more than two generations of those who study musical instruments, and that the gift of his outstanding collectionof instruments to The University of Oxford in 1968, prompting still further gifts and acquisitions in the years since, has resulted in one of the great and more accessible collections in the world.

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