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The American Musical Instrument Society


The Curt Sachs Award 1990

André Pierre Larson

André Pierre LarsonThe Board of Governors of the American Musical Instrument Society designated André Pierre Larson the recipient of the Curt Sachs Award for the year 1990 in grateful recognition of his achievements of as educator, scholar, collector, and exhibitor, past President of the American Musical Instrument Society, and Director of America's Shrine to Music Museum at the University of South Dakota; in appreciation of his connoisseurship, skill, and perseverance in creating a major international resource in South Dakota for the study, exhibition, and conservation of historical musical instruments; and, in acknowledgment of his devotion and superior administrative ability in successfully guiding the AMIS through its last formative stages, his editorship of the AMIS Newsletter, and his generosity in making his staff and facilities available for the conduct of the business of the Society.

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