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The Curt Sachs Award 2004

Ivan Mačák

Members of the Curt Sachs Committee—John Koster, William Hettrick, and Jeannine Lambrechts-Douillez—have selected Ivan Mačák (picture with Kathryn Libin), musical instrument curator of the National Museum of Bratislava, Slovakia, as the recipient of the Curt Sachs Award for 2004. The award recognizes Mačák’s lifetime achievement in the field of musical instruments, much of it accomplished under difficult circumstances as political and social changes endangered the survival of Slovakia’s national heritage.

Lambrechts-Douillez and Koster became acquainted with Mačák at the 1999 CIMCIM meeting in Bratislava and were impressed with his museum work as well as with his publications. Mačák has published articles and monographs on a variety of musical instruments, both western and ethnic, although some of his work was difficult for the committee to track down. Recognition of Ivan Mačák through the Curt Sachs Award will encourage him and other specialists in the musical instruments of Eastern Europe in their efforts to save their musical heritages.

~ Jeannine Lambrechts-Douillez

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