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Organization of the American Musical Instrument Society

Officers and Board

President: Janet K. Page (2021–24)

Vice-pres.: Allison Alcorn (2021–24)

Secretary: Michael Suing (2022–24)

Treasurer: Ken Moore (2021–23, 2nd term)


Board of Governors:

Anne Acker (2022–25, 2nd term)

Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet (2022–25, 2nd term)

Geoffrey Burgess (2022–25, 2nd term)

Emily Dolan (2020–23, 1st term)

Aurelia Hartenberger (2020–23, 1st term)

Jimena Palacios Uribe (2020–23, 1st term)

John Watson (2020–23, 1st term)

Jayme Kurland (2021–24, 2nd term)

Gregg Miner (2021–24, 2nd term)

Katherine Palmer (2021–24, 1st term)

Carol Lynn Ward-Bamford (2021–24, 2nd term)

Susana Caldeira (Int’l, 2020–23)

Massimiliano Guido (Int’l, 2022–25)

Nominating Committee:

Darcy Kuronen (chair 2023)

Jimena Palacios (chair 2024)

Katherine Palmer (chair 2025)

Curt Sachs Award:

Carolyn Bryant (chair 2023)

Heike Fricke (chair 2024)

John Watson (chair 2025)

Densmore Prize:

Stephen Cottrell (chair 2023)

Harrison Powley (chair 2024)

Lisa Beebe (chair 2025)

Bibliographer: Devanney Haruta

Bessaraboff Prize:

Bradley Strauchen-Scherer (chair 2023)

Matthew Zeller (chair 2024)

Amy Shaw (chair 2025)

Gribbon Memorial Award for Student Travel:

Manu Frederikx (chair 2023)

Lidia Chang (chair 2024)

Esteban Mariño (chair 2025)

Small Grants for Students:

Massimiliano Guido, Chair 2022

Robert Apple, Chair 2023

Membership Committee:

Jayson Dobney

Jim Kopp

Gregg Miner

Byron Pillow
Nuria Bonet

2023 Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee:

Janet K. Page

Joel Roberts

Jeremy Tubbs

2023 Meeting Program Committee

Jeremy Tubbs (chair)

Allison Alcorn

Matthew Zeller

Byron Pillow

Carolyn Bryant, Monitor

Electronic Initiatives:
Darcy Kuronen, Chair
Christina Linsenmeyer

Conference Location Planning:
Stewart Carter (chair)

Jimena Palacios

Matthew Zeller

AMIS Listserve:
Margaret Banks

Carolyn Bryant, moderator

Edmond Johnson, Moderator


Sarah Deters, Editor 
Nuria Bonet, Assistant Editor
Edmond Johnson, Reviews Editor

Saskia Maxwell Keller, Associate Reviews Editor

Albert Rice (chair) 
David Thomas

University and college collections working group:
Sarah Deters (chair)

Ethnomusicology working group:
Jayme Kurland (chair)

Banjos, mandolins, guitars working group:
Daniel Wheeldon (chair)

American Musicological Society liaisons:

Matthew Zeller

Lidia Chang


Robert Bigio, Editor

James Kopp, Associate Editor

Carolyn Bryant, Associate Editor

Robert Apple, Advertising Manager

Reviews Editor, Edmond Johnson

Margaret Banks

Edmund A. Bowles

Beth Bullard

Geoffrey Burgess

Stewart Carter

Robert E. Eliason

Cynthia Adams Hoover

Edward L. Kottick

Thomas G. MacCracken

J. Kenneth Moore

Ardal Powell

Harrison Powley

Susan E. Thompson

Janet Page

Robert Adelson

Allison Alcorn


History of terms of officers of the american musical instrument society


Past President

  • Jayson Dobney (2018–2021)

  • Carolyn Bryant (2015–2018)

  • Albert R. Rice (2011-15)

  • Stewart Carter (2007-11)

  • Kathryn Shanks Libin (2003-07)

  • Harrison Powley (1999-2003)

  • William E. Hettrick (1995-99)

  • Phillip T. Young (1991-95)

  • Cecil D. Adkins (1987-91)

  • André P. Larson (1981-87)

  • Frederick R. Selch (1977-81)

  • Robert M. Rosenbaum (1971-77)

Past Vice-President

  • Jayson Dobney (2015-2018)

  • Carolyn Bryant (2011-15)

  • Albert R. Rice (2007-11)

  • Darcy Kuronen (2005-07)

  • John A. Rice (2003-05)

  • Kathryn Shanks Libin (1999-2003)

  • Harrison Powley (1995-99)

  • Margaret Downie Banks (1991-95)

  • Laurence Libin (1987-91)

  • Edmund A. Bowles (1981-87)

  • Cynthia Adams Hoover (1977-81)

  • Arnold Fromme (1971-77)

Past Secretary

  • Deborah Check Reeves (2008–2018)

  • Carolyn Bryant 2002-08

  • Jeannine Abel 1992-2002

  • Robert A. Lehman 1980-92

  • Alan G. Moore 1977-79

  • William G. Maynard 1973-77

  • Linda Tauber 1972-73 

Past Treasurer

  • Joanne Kopp (2008-2019)

  • Marlowe A. Sigal (2002-08)

  • Robert E. Eliason (1978-2002)

  • Linda Tauber (1973-78)

  • James M. Swain (1972-73)

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