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AMIS Journal

AMIS Journal

An Index to the AMIS Journal

Articles are indexed from Volume 1 (1975) through Volume 32 (2006)
Reviews are indexed from Volume 1 (1975) through Volume 42 (2016)

This index consists of separate sections for articles and reviews. For articles there are three alphabetical lists, arranged respectively by author, title, and subject matter. (Letters to the editor appear under "Communications" in the title list, with a cross-reference from the writer's name, but are not included in the subject index.) The three lists for reviews provide access by author, title, and reviewer. Lists of recent publications, though appearing in every volume, are not included.

In all entries, volume, year, and page references take the form volume (year): page (using arabic numerals throughout). The Journal is also indexed in RILM Abstracts of Music Literature and The Music Index.

Articles by Author Articles by Title Articles by Subject
Reviews by Author of Book Reviews by Title of Book Reviews by Reviewer


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