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In 2017, the AMIS Board of Governors created a new working group dedicated to ethnomusicology within the Society.  The new working group is meant to promote new dialogue within the community about musical instruments, their uses, and the people who play them across the world.  The working group is aimed towards the general public. It seeks to promote the results of recent research and discoveries in the area of ethno-organology, or the global study of musical instruments, while promoting better awareness of the subject matter. The working group is an active participant in the AMIS blog and will post articles, links, images, videos, and interview, highlighting instruments and musical traditions from around the world. 



This working group seeks to challenge canonic texts, and hopes to discuss issues of decolonization, race and representation, and generally focus on instruments, traditions, and cultures from around the world. If you are interested in participating in the group including writing a blog post, please email the chair of the Ethnomusicology Working Group, Jayme Kurland.

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