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Welcome to!

- A note from AMIS President, Janet K. Page -

Welcome to the AMIS website!

AMIS is an organization that provides a meeting place for all who are interested in musical instruments, including collectors, builders, musicologists, ethnomusicologists, museum professionals, and performers—where all of us grow in our appreciation for the world’s musical cultures. Our website is a manifestation of our commitment to the scholarship of musical instruments. We maintain a list of helpful links to other organizations and institutions that are useful to specialists as well as general musical instrument lovers. Posts from the world of musical instruments, "Fresh organolology," our facebook feed, and pages for our working groups provide all the news. We hope you come back often to catch up on our newest content as well as to see what else is happening throughout the world of organology.

I thank Byron Pillow for the enormous amount of work that he put into creating the site along with assistance from Bobby Giglio and Jayme Kurland. I also want to thank our former webmaster, Dwight Newton, for his work maintaining the previous AMIS website. And I thank our current webmaster (since June 2023) Dexter Edge for undertaking to keep the site up to date.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site!

Janet K. Page, President



In addition to our beautiful layouts, graphics, and branding, we are excited to introduce a variety of new features and content into the AMIS world! Highlights include this blog, of course, but also pages for our working groups and online community, so that members can follow, comment on, and contribute to posts; a streamlined online payment and registration system for membership and conferences as well as for online donations; and an easier way to find various contacts and resources.


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Oct 02, 2018

Wow what a beautiful new website!

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