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August 2019 Musical Instrument Calendar

AMIS Loves Musical Instruments! The following select events represent some of the scholarly meetings, concerts, demonstrations, lectures, trade shows, auctions, and more that are occurring this month. If you would like to list your event please email: We reserve the right to include or not include any event for any reason.

August 2-3

Mount Vernon, VA

August 1–4

Salt Lake City, Utah

August 7–11

Indianapolis, IN

August 10-11 Zurko's Guitar Show Grayslake/Chicago

Mt. Dora, Florida

August 16–17

Glasgow, Scotland

August 16-18 Earth Celebration - Taiko Drum and World Music Festival

Sado Island, Japan

August 16-18 50th Anniversary of Woodstock Music Festival

August 16-25 Laus Polyphaniae - Early Music Festival Antwerp

August 17–18

Costa Mesa/Los Angeles, CA

August 21-24 Festival De Sablé - The Organ Trail

Sablé-sur-Sarthe, France

August 23-35

Galpin Society and the Bates Collection, Oxford

August 27–31

Rockville, MD

August 31-September 1 Scottish Highland Gathering and Games Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasonton, CA


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