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November 2019 Musical Instrument Calendar

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

AMIS Loves Musical Instruments! The following select events represent some of the scholarly meetings, musical instrument collection programs, instrument trade shows, auctions, and more that are occurring this month. If you would like to list your event please email:

October 31-November 3 American Musicological Society Boston, MA

November 3 Musical Instrument Swap Ann Arbor, MI November 4 "A Viennese Grand Piano" - Demonstration at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA

November 6

November 7-10

Bloomington, IN

November 8 Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa - Musical Instrument Museum

Exhibition Opening Phoenix, AZ

November 8 & 9 Violin Society of America convention Dallas, TX

November 13 Musical Instrument Petting Zoo - Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville, TN

November 13-16 Percussive Arts Society International Convention Indianapolis, IN

November 14 Art in Tune - Musical performances in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA November 14 Portland Cello Project - Musical Instrument Museum Pheonix, AZ

November 16 Guitaranooga Annual Guitar Festival Chattanooga, TN

November 19-20

From Field to Fiddle” – Historical Gut Strings in Production and Performance

Bern, Switzerland

November 21 Triptych Musica - Carolina Music Museum Greenville, South Carolina

November 21 Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Exhibition Opening Cleveland, Ohio

November 20-22

Cremona, Italy

Jerusalem, Israel

November 21 Marching 101 - Carolina Music Museum Greenville, SC



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