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2023 AMIS Award Winners

The Curt Sachs Award

Darcy Kuronen

AMIS is pleased to announce that Darcy Kuronen is the recipient of the Curt Sachs Award for 2023.

The Nicholas Bessaraboff Prize

Murray Campbell, Joël Gilbert, and Arnold Myers; Robert Adelson

The Nicholas Bessaraboff Prize is awarded annually for the best book-length publication in English that furthers the goals of the Society. The prize committee has made two awards for 2023, for two equally distinguished, but very different, contributions to organology: Murray Campbell, Joël Gilbert, and Arnold Myers for The Science of Brass Instruments (Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature, 2021); and Robert Adelson for Erard: A Passion for the Piano (New York: Oxford University Press, 2021).

The Frances Densmore Prize

Jennifer Kyker

The 2023 Frances Densmore Prize is awarded to Jennifer Kyker for "Music under the Ground: Ethnomusicological Research on the Ground-Bow in Africa," Ethnomusicology 65, no. 2 (2021).

The Frederick R. Selch Award

Wesley Somers

The 2023 winner of the Selch Prize is Wesley Somers, for his paper “The Jarana as Baroque Guitar: A Neocolonial Claiming of Jarocho Instrument-Making Traditions.”

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